Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Find --> The PW Kitchen Aide

Pioneer Women Kitchen Aide

Now I may be a day (or months) late and a dollar short but this is still worthy of sharing. The other day my teammates and I were headed to Panera Bread for lunch (a fav) and L.U. informed me that Kitchen Aide has a limited edition of the Pioneer Women Kitchen Aide!!! Decked out with the orange floral design from her book and cookbook. I couldn't believe it! If only I was getting married it would be the first thing I'd register for at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Target or where ever brides register for that kind of stuff!!
I checked it out and learned and Kitchen Aide only made 4! My heart sunk! Two were given away to 2 lucky winners in a drawing, Ree Drumond received one (OK I can understand that, this is her gig) and kitchen aide kept one to for display only!

Oh well! I don't really even know what I'd use the kitchen aide for expect for display and to caught dust in my future kitchen. Maybe Miss Ree and I will meet someday when I'm married and in desperate need of a kitchen aide because I'll be too busy chasing my kids around! And then maybe just maybe she'll let kitchen aide produce a 5th one!

Someone needs to tell kitchen aide they're really on to something with the floral print!


Melissa said...

OMGoodness, I just registered for my KitchenAide today too! Too bad...

Nicole Starr said...

Oh registering for your wedding how exciting!! When is the big day again??

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