Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm a PANK

Professional Aunts No Kids

While paging through a middle aged women magazine at the doctor's office I saw this hot pink ad "Positive Auntitudes". A new aunt by the name of Melanie Notkin founded SavyAuntie.com and author of Savvy Auntie. Her site and book are filled with smart, frank advice about being an A+ aunt for kids. With guidance for gift-giving and how to spoil your niece or nephew rotten! It's supposedly a great resource for anyone with little ones in their lives! So get Savvy Auntie for $23.
You may ask why I am talking about kids? Well any day now my sister Lindsay will have her little baby. And that means Danielle and I will be Aunts!! Can you believe it?! Me either!! Danielle and I will be plastered to the ceiling due to excitement once this baby is born. We are going to be such good Aunts, we may even become Famous Aunts someday! Check back to see when little Baby Johnson (for now we call him or her Magic Johnson)


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