Monday, May 2, 2011

Wish-List Countdown Day 9

A Spring Career-girl Wardrobe

I have a closet full of clothes, but yet can never find anything to wear to the office! Today I would like to show you my dream wardrobe. My co-workers can vouch for me when I say this but I LOVE The Limited work clothes. Basically half my closet is Limited! So here's a peek at the spring collection that makes me want a rich boyfriend!! Just Kidding!

A pleated 1950's skirts. For being so fair skinned I'm surprised at how much yellow I love wearing. Oh and the shoes are sweet too!

Once again, sucker for ruffles! With a little cardigan over it this would be great in the office, yet flirty for happy hour!

While I probably don't need ANOTHER strapless dress, who can resist this? Again with a little cardigan this is the perfect office dress. Also great for all those summer occasion: weddings, baptisms, cocktail parties.... The options are endless! Love the print, would have also been great for Easter.
Hope you are enjoying Nicole's Birthday Wish-List! While I'm not expecting anything, a girl can still dream:)

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