Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Find---> Seasonal Flare


Around my birthday I touched on this a bit and it's becoming a new fad on mine!! These little scarves have completly taken my heart away!! According to Coach they are ponytail scraves. The clerk at the Johnson Creek Outlet mall showed me a fashionable way to tie these scarves onto the strap of your basic yet classical purse for a little "Seasonal Flare" as I like to call it. I plan on adding a few to my lonely 1 collection to suite my fancy for  mood I may be in:) Switchin' things up a bit never hurts! Generally these are about $38..... a fun little treat!
Check out the variety!
And if you need a little plaid in your life!
My ultimate fav! This Poppy collection is fun for summer:)

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