Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Flare: Jewelry Find

Janeen Reid-- Hidden Creek Ranch

Today I would like to feature a good friend Janeen who has a strong passion for making jewelry and is quite talented as well:) You can find her sitting behind her decorative display at quite a few of the cattle shows throughout the Wisconsin area. She is very helpful and willing to recreate a necklace if there's one you like but would like even more if you could alter or add alittle of your own personal flare to the piece.
Janeen has a wide selection of several stones & gems. The jewelry is very classical, elegant and sophisticated. Not like some of that other jewelry that is what I'll say big, loud and obnoxious! Take a peak at what I bought this past weekend from her at the Midwest Regional Jr. Hereford Show this past weekend. It took me forever to decide, I have quite a wish-list started:)
I LoVe all the character this necklace has:)

This was just too unique to leave behind. All you turquoise lovers would love Janeen's offering:)


The Beef Queen said...

Hey there! I saw your blog on the blog roll for the MBA site! I love love love the necklace above. Just wanted to say thanks for being another cowgirl who likes to wear bling, and helping spread the word about how to do it correctly!! lol :) Feel free to follow my (very new) blog as well. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks soo much Miss Beef Queen!! I love reading other blogs as well and will be sure to become a follower. Happy 4th of July!

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