Thursday, June 30, 2011

STARR Student:)

You heard right!!

Happy to announce that I successfully completed all my June #3in30 goals that I set for myself. It's happened only a few months that I've been able to successfully cross these off my to-do list. Here's the run down.

  • Blog Update: Thank you for putting up with my blog while under a complete construction zone. However I'm proud of the renovation work that was done. After my internship at AHA, Amy Cowan gave me this Hereford hide image and am soo glad I finally put it to good use.
  • My N is painted and on display in my cute little cubical space. Promise to post a picture tomorrow. As you can image there's a lot of pink, polka-dots, flowers and even glitter:) Yes a lot of thought went into this painting project.
  • As of tonight I successfully worked out 3x each week this month. I started taking yoga on Monday nights at Bader Rutter. I have occupied my time on the remaining nights by going to the YMCA and using my Nike + System I received for my birthday. Happy to say I'm putting a lot of  mileage on these new tennis shoes with the fancy sensor.
Check out my July goals on the right --->>>>. What have you set out to complete this month?

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Nicole Starr said...

Thanks Crystal! Your comment was soo sweet. Enjoy keeping up with you on your blog as well! Thank you for checking out the #3in30 site yesterday:).

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