Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#3in30 Feature Guest Post

Sorry for my absence this week it's just been one of those weeks. However I've been ecstatic about the warm 0% humidity and have been spending every waking moment (when not at the office) outside. After the gym I usually go for a little walk around my little subdivision and then eat my supper (and breakfast for that matter) out on my patio over looking a huge lawn (that I never mow!) and tennis court.

Anyways last week I jumped the gun alittle and said I was the #3in30 feature guest post. Well silly Blondie me I got my Wednesday mixed up! It's actually today that I was the featured post. To learn more about it please click here and you'll be transferred to last week's post that's give all the details. And to see my actual feature post on the #3in30 website click here.

Happy Wednesday:)


Crystal Cattle said...

Congrats, I commented on your guest post!

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks Crystal! Your comment was soo sweet. Enjoy keeping up with you on your blog as well! Thank you for checking out the #3in30 site yesterday:).

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