Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Flare--> Papyrus Greeting Cards

Made someones day

I spoke about my one of many shopping addictions, greeting cards, a few months ago. But this week's Flare features Papyrus Cards. This collection draws me in every time I stroll down the Target card aisle seeking out the perfect card. My first draw is the fact that they are protected by the cellophane wrapper, keeping them perfectly free from finger prints. And how many times have to found the PERFECT card only to discover the matching envelopes are gone?? Well with Papyrus you won't have to worry..... the card and envelope are tucked safe in a sleeve.
These brightly bold colored cards make a classical statement. The receive is sure to admire, enjoy and opt to put on display. All cards come with a smashing envelope and gold seal to place on the outside. It's truly a high class way to send a greeting card whether it be birthday, anniversary or just because:)
This card was purchased for my long time pen pal AUNT SALLY. We are really good about writing and keeping each other up with what's happening. Just about once a month we exchange letters or cards. It's fun to receive mail and for me part of the fun is picking out a special eye appealing card to brighten my Aunt Sally's day!
Do you have a pen pal?? These days with email, cell phones and text messaging it's easy not to do. However you need to remember the powerful, thoughtful message of a handwritten note.
What a fun-put-together-card to receive:)

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