Monday, June 20, 2011

Bader Rutter Yoga Class

Today marks the official start of me trying something new.... YOGA. I've attempting it a time or two during college but never actually stuck with it. Since starting at Bader Rutter they've offered an after work and noon hour class and the company pitches in a certain amount to ease the cost as part of the BR Wellness Program. Several coworkers rant and rave about it. When summer enrollment started I decided it would be a great thing to take on as an off-night activity to my Nike + Running System. Enough BR employees joined to get the cost down to $32 for an eight week class ($4/class can't beat that!) As of last night I am the owner of a pink (because that's my favorite color) yoga mat.
I've heard wonderful things about yoga and am looking forward to taking advantages of those benefits. Yoga is a excellent way to:
  •  strengthen your core
  • provide consistent energy
  • improve balance
  • stimulates detoxification within the body
  • reduce stress & anxiety
  • enhance well-being
  • and body & mind connectivity through controlled breathing with the movements of your body.
I've been wearing the Victoria's Secret yoga pants for almost 5+ years. No better time than the present to start, and if it doesn't work out I'll have a very nice yoga mat to sell on ebay.
Looking forward to spending time with my co-workers outside of the workplace.
Check back to see how Yoga Day 1 ended up:)
Happy Monday.
We'll see if I can master the Warrior pose?!?!

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