Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Gardening Department

Flowers, Tomatoes and Lettuce OH MY!!

As many of you know my mom has started up a cute little flower shop, Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse. Located at her office Crosscut Solutions just west of the Manawa Rodeo Grounds (For those from the area, trust me that's the best landmark... who hasn't been to the Manawa's Midwestern Rodeo??)
Continuing on... She's been quite successful two greenhouse full (empty at times) of every type of flower and vegetable plant you could imagine. This has even been a learning curve for me who has ZERO knowledge of what kind of flowers these old ladies are describing to me as I stand there, blank look on my face, pink gardening gloves in position determined to look like I know what's what! However the salesman in me chimes in and those ladies manage to walk out with a cardboard box of flowers and alittle less cash in their pockets. It's a good thing mom's weekend help isn't on commission!  
Remember the lettuce pots I've been ranting and raving about for the past month? Well harvest time has come and gone and with much disappointment I must announce the truth: It tasted horrible!! Don't do it (at least from seed anyway!) This weekend my mom rewarded me with a tomato plant and lettuce to start from plant. Going to try this again! I can't post a picture of them because well.... I didn't plant them right away last night or give them water so they're a bit droopy! I may not be the best gardening help since I can't even keep my own plants alive!
Here's an flower pot arrangement my mom made up for my patio. Posting only because it still appears to be alive, healthy and happy!
Here's to big juicy tomatoes in late summer!!:)

N. Starr


crystal.cattle said...

Oh no. So after all your hard work it was no good! Better luck with the tomatoes.

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks Crystal! I have high hopes for the tomatoes HAHA! Have a great day!

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