Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Take Better Care of our Cows than Ourselves

And we aren't kidding!

This is a common saying that could be heard on any beef operation. The fact is it's true! My family's cows are the first to get fed in morning and first to get fed at night; whether it's -30 and blowing snow or 95 and humid. It assures us knowing that our animals have plenty of food & water and have enough bedding in the cold winter months. Daily we go through all of the cows and calves to make sure everyone is healthy. Similar to human health care, cattle health management programs include preventative measures such as vaccines and treatments for sick animals. In the summer months we check for things like pink eye and foot rot and treat properly so they can go back to either raising a calf (if they're a cow) or growing big and strong (if they're a calf).
As a producer we work hard to create meaningful improvements in beef production and promote the proper treatment of our animals. Producers attend seminars, workshops and certification courses in order to implement the latest production techniques in raising and caring for their cattle. One such program is called Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), which focuses on educating and training cattlemen on beef safety and quality issues. This course teaches producers the most advanced, compassionate measures for animal handling. Other topics covered include record keep and herd health programs. Nearly every state has a BQA program supported by the Beef Checkoff. The BQA links participants withe livestock production specialist, veterinarians, nutritionists and marketers.
Now that you have an understanding of the industry's commitment to raising beef in the highest standards of animal welfare you can confidently select beef as your protein choice when shopping at your local super market.

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