Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Helping Those in Need

Joplin Tornado Victims

Last week the company I work for Bader Rutter announced they were collecting items to send to Joplin to help the unfortunate individuals that endured the horrific spring weather two weeks ago. This is just another reason why I am proud to be part of such a generous and thoughtful organization. Not only do we do our best at serving our clients, but we strive to make a difference in our community and country.
When I dropped off my donation items I couldn't believe all the items that had been collected and awaiting to be FedEx to Joplin.
In honor of my new little nephew, Isaac, I donated diapers and wipes. It was something on the listed that caught my eye. From the conversations I've had with my sister I've come to realize what a necessity these things are!!
Anyways, it feels great to help out those in need in hard times like these!
So many choices at Walgreens!! As you can imagine I was alittle out of my element:)

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