Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Find-->#3in30 Resource Page

Encouragement, Accountability, and Community

This week's Friday Find is short! Sorry!! Busy Friday here on my end! Anyways, as you know I'm addicted to the #3in30. I love crossing this off my To-Do list and focusing on 3 goals each month and shockingly allowed me to accomplish quite a bit!
This week via Twitter I learned the founders created a resource page to help followers meet goals they commit to throughout the year. Check out the site, anyone is able to suggest categories through commenting on the website. And by the end of the weekend I'll have my June #3in30 goals posted on my blog as a daily reminder to get cracking!!
Wish my family luck tomorrow-another Saturday at the Crosscut Solution Greenhouse. Tomorrow's special is Tough Enough to Plant Pink! A $20 registration fee allows to plant pink flowers with your friends, PINK gardening gloves all while supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. Swing by Crosscut Solutions.

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