Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Food Guide Plate

Big News: Students in health class will no longer be learning about the Food Guide Pyramid that what I was taught in grade school. Today the USDA announce the Food Guide Plate and are educating consumers to divide up the fruit, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy into percentages; reminding me of a pie graph. This is apparently the new trendy way to eat these days!
The USDA encourages consumers to enjoy their food, but eat less and stressing to avoid oversized portions.
What interests me is the protein portion of this plate. I'm completely fine knowing that my beef intake may be larger then the recommended portion. I'm glad the USDA is telling consumers beef is a wholesome and nutritious attribute to a healthy diet. On their website they go on to share with consumers that a serving is considered to be about the size of your palm and look for cuts of beef with the word "lean". In case you need a little refresher before heading off to the grocery store for this weekends grilling festivities the following cuts of beef are consider lean (provide 10 essential nutrients for approximately 154 calories):
A good tip is to look for cuts of beef with the word Loin, Eye or Lean! Enjoy the new Food Guide Plate. Happy Healthy Eating; Remember BEEF is an excellent choice for grilling this summer:)

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