Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kickin' it in Kansas

JNHE Deadline--> TODAY!

Today is a bittersweet day for me. For the first time in 15 years I am not eligible to submit my Junior National Hereford Expo entries. Another thing that reminds me I'm no longer a "kid" and that in reality I'm without a doubt an adult. The Starr name is not out of the junior division; my sister Danielle will be exhibiting a cow/calf pair and bred heifer. This is a big JNHE for her as she will retire from her three years on the National Junior Hereford Board of Directors at the conclusion of the week-long event.
Even though this will be my first time being a spectator I am fortunate for the all the memorable moments growing up in the program. It all started in 1996 with my first heifer Emily at the Junior National in Des Moines, through the years getting more involved in the contests and PRIDE Convention. As a senior I was elected onto the National Junior Hereford Board of Directors and three years later was able to pass my jacket onto Danielle at the 2008 JNHE in Kansas City. I was also fortunate to be hired as the Youth Activities Intern for American Hereford Association the summer of 2009 and work with Amy Cowan, Youth Activities Director. Looking back at all those hectic years of practicing with my heifer, reciting speeches, calling sponsorships and potential contest judges I was able to get alot into those 15 years. To my own surprise I was even able to finish up my junior career last year in Indiana as a good ole' exhibitor and take in all fun things the JNHE has to offer one last time! It was 15 years of jam-packed fun and meeting some of my best friends across the country.
It made me sad to read NJHA member's Facebook status about submitting online entries by Midnight today. However, I am happy to see that so many other kids are compassionate about the Hereford breed and look forward to the JNHE each summer. I encourage all NJHA members to take advantage of the opportunities available; it will truly have a positive impact on your lifestyle & career as an adult. I know it did for me and I wouldn't trade who I've become for the world!
See all you Hereford kids the middle of July in Kansas City!! Even though I'm using my vacation days I wouldn't miss it!


Robyn said...

My sister and I showed steers and lambs growing up. We didn't travel to or show at Jr. Nationals, but we hit a show (sometimes two) every weekend from late May to early July. It is a great way to spend the summer and work together as a family. The people/ friends I have from showing are 2nd to none!

Nicole Starr said...

I couldn't agree more!! There is no better way to grow up than working cattle with your family and making friends at a stock show! Thanks for reading:)

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