Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What about hormones in milk?

A quick and informative read.

As I continue to work on the Pfizer Animal Health dairy business at Bader Rutter, I have become more in tuned and eager to learn about this sector of agriculture. Each month when the publications are routed around our offices I can't wait to get my fingers on some of the leading publications. I strive to become knowledgeable about the hot headlines and intrigued by the type of stories that are addressed based on the season or time of year. Don't get me wrong, nothing beats paging through the Hereford World or Show Circuit Magazines, some things will never change:) My true passion will always be with the beef industry.
However, learning about the dairy industry has allowed be to become a more diverse individual with a greater appreciation for all areas of agriculture.
Today I read an article that a good Michigan State friend of mine, Carla McLachlan, posted.
Consumers usually turn away from words they don't completely understand. One of those words being HORMONES. The article goes on to explain that hormones are made up of proteins (necessary for our survival). Whether your purchasing conventional or organic milk, both have a small amount of naturally occurring hormones. Rest assured that the hormones in milk does not cause early puberty in girls. There is no science to support this hypothesis. Hormones in milk are not active in the human body, and are broken down in our digestive system.
So next time you're shopping in the grocery store don't forget to swing by the dairy section for a gallon of milk, yogurt and cheese. Dairy is an excellent source of calcium. Three servings a day can help improve overall nutrient intake, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and build strong healthy bones.
Those are just a few of the points. I encourage you to read the full article here.


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