Wednesday, August 31, 2011

QR Codes, Beach Balls and Dress Code

Beach balls at work! Are we having a end of summer party?
 A Bader Rutter surprise

With the Crystal Cattle/Farmer's Trophy Wife giveaway yesterday and this morning special announcement at Bader Rutter this week keeps getting better and better! And the three day weekend that's awaiting us is the icing on the cake!
Scan w/smartphone. Be amazed.
QR codes take you to a: URL,
contact information or
a You Tube video.
Who would have thought that wearing jeans to work would be such a special treat. I totally took my college days of wearing comfy jeans to class everyday for granted because now I live for casual Fridays and the weekends. At the beginning of the summer Bader Rutter announced we could wear casual attire from Memorial Day through Labor Day. These past couple weeks there's been a lot of talk and even white board petitioning to make this a year round dress code. Well today employees were greeted with beach balls large and small throughout the agency with a QR code sticker adhered to it. After digging my smartphone out of my purse, I scanned the code with the special QR reader app and it took me to this entertaining video/special announcement from BR's CEO and Vice President. 

How you've incorporated QR codes into your works, farming operation, or personal life? I encourage you to comment below and share the different ways have you seen them used and the unique places the scan took you.
You're seeing more and more QR codes in magazine ads, billboards and food products. The agriculture industry certainly has their game face on and are regular QR codes. For example, has anyone scanned the Heinz Ketchup bottle? That's just one of many!
Learn more about QR codes and how they are incorporated into the workplace by reading a this BR Blog Post.


Anne at Great Slamseys Farm said...

We've started by putting a qr code on a post in one of our fields - explained on our farm blog Early days yet but people are starting to scan it.

Nicole Starr said...

Can't wait to hear the results of your QR codes! Great marketing tactic! I will watch for updates on your blog! Thanks Anne for swinging in to read this post! I will "favorite" your blog so I can keep up:) Nicole Starr

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