Thursday, September 1, 2011

You know what they say.......

Time flies when you're having fun

It's hard to believe that today marks my one year anniversary of being with Bader Rutter & Associates. A year ago I thought the agency was so big, how would I ever find my way around and be comfortable. Or worse yet, how would I remember the names of all these people! While I'll admit I was a bit overwhelmed at first, I wouldn't trade this last year for anything. It just proves that with hard work, determination and drive one can accomplish their dreams and start to make a their mark.
In just 12 months it's hard to believe how much I learned about agency life and the advertising world. Yet there is still so much I continue to learn everyday! I came to BR with an animal science degree that was starving to work in the agriculture industry, yet had a hidden talent/interest for PR/Communication. I consider myself lucky that this fine company took me in and invested their time to teach me skills needed to work in agri-marketing business. I also feel fortunate that I came from a strong cattle background and had something to bring to the table during internal meetings or discussing science-based content.
At Bader Rutter my job title is Assistant Account Executive on the Pfizer Animal Health account, working on the dairy side of the business. I'm fortunate to enjoy going to work everyday, look forward to being with my team mates and  excited about the projects I'm a part of.

Thank you Bader Rutter for a great first year in the job world, I'm looking forward to what the second year will bring and all that I will continue to learn. While I miss my Michigan college life I also am glad this job has allowed me to spend more time in the home state with my family.
This screenshot me laugh today. I love this facebook feature, great way to remember what you were doing/thinking a year ago! I was happy to have so many great friends/family supporting me a year ago as I started a new chapter in life as a career girl rocking the high heels and briefcase look!
Thanks again Bader Rutter, so happy we found each other!


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