Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Get-Away to MSU!!

To East Lansing
For those of you who guessed weekend destination to be East Lansing were correct! It was short, sweet and fun! The reason for the trip was to pick up Miley, her calf (little Miley) and Danielle's heifer. They got an extended stay because they went to the National Western Stock Show with the Michigan State University Purebred Beef Center. Although that was in January we decided it would be best to let Miley calve in Lansing so she wouldn't have to travel back to Wisconsin right before she was due. Miley and he calf look amazing, she is a great mother with lots of milk. Miley will continue to milk and raise her calf. My sister will then show them as a cow/calf pair at the Junior National Hereford Expo in July.
Besides getting Miley it was so so so good to get together with my friends. It started out like any night in East Lansing at Leo's Lodge so tasty delicious food and cold beer. Then continued onto the Whiskey Barrel Saloon, a fun hangout. Lots of laughs, lots of beer, good times. My friends in college seemed like one big family; we had fun, did everything together and even gave each other smart-ass remarks/comments--true honest family. I'm soo thankful I'm still close with them now and can pick up right where we left off last time. That I believe is the beauty about having friends in the agriculture industry.... You may go a few months without seeing or talking, but yet still consider yourself just as good of friends as if you talked daily!
I really grew fond of Michigan while living there for 4ish years, especially for their strong agriculture industry. When people asked me where I was from without hesitation I said Michigan and now sometimes I have to think twice about where I'm from! The state of Michigan, MSU, and the friends I made were good to me, and had a  positive influence as to where I am today!
With that said I'd like to share a little fun educational clip. While I wrote about beef earlier this is about Michigan's dairy industry. We need to be diverse! A co-worker shared this with me and I found it very fascinating. It should make all you Michiganders proud!


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