Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A unique commodity: Sea Salt

To eat & to relax in!

A great girls trip! Mom, Angie &
myself at Kunde Estate.
On our second day we took the cable cars to do some souvenir purchasing, see below. Then loaded the buses (there were about 50 people in our group) to Santa Rosa for Kunde Estates. Kunde Estates is owned by the Mickelsons, a great Hereford family that hosted the weekend event and are huge supporters of Hereford youth. They have 2 fun kids, Bobby & Jamie. A great family and we couldn't have had the successful fundraiser we did without them welcoming us to their estate. The first evening evening was a casual get together to visit with Hereford breeders, some being my best friends. A relaxing evening where we were really able to get our taste buds acquainted with the wine!
Each brightly colored bin had
it's own scent!
Back tracking.....While we continued our San Francisco tourist adventure, prior to bus loading.... I couldn't help but be amazed at all the vast agriculture commodities in the state. And at that point I was only in San Francisco, little did I know there was more to come! From the seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetable industry a lot of people's jobs depend on agriculture.
On this day I learned about California sea salt! Salt is harvested from the inlets of the San Francisco bays. This salt has greater depth of flavor then just ordinary salt. Variations in mineral content and harvesting methods create the unique look and taste of individual sea salts.
Us girls pretending to "Eat" the sea salt!
What a fun stand we
came upon!
Best Clam Chowder I've
ever had! Had to bring some
back, along w/a few
bottles of wine!
To get back to my souvenir purchases, did you know that this salt can also be used as bath salt?? Yep! When I saw these beauteous bright colored barrels A.D.D. kicked in and I had to go up to the fine gentlemen manning the stand and learn more! Well long story short, it was buy 2 get one free! So I got 3 bags (probably 3 pounds each)! But it was soo brightly colored and ooo soooo relaxing to use when I arrive back to Brookfield! Also wanted my trip savings to a commodity unique to the state! Combine the nine pounds of sea salt along with my San Francisco clam chowder soup purchase (remember my Seafood post?) and I had myself a full bag and one back ache by the time I reached the bus located what seemed to be miles & miles away! Needless to say I screamed TOURIST!

Check back later today for my first wordless Wednesday posts! Get ready to be amazed by California's gorgeous scenery!

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