Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who wants a #Hereford cake??


Last night my sister Danielle came over and exchanged her Kohls fashion plate attire for her baking apron. As a celebration to completed the Kohls summer internship she and her pals are having a cake and wine party tonight in fact. Not many of the other Kohls interns are and original, authentic cow/farmgirl like Danielle. So this has been an eye opener for both parties. Danielle has been able share her cattle lifestyle and education them about all the care that does into raising livestock and the dedication it takes to grow crops to make sure we have enough hay and corn to last a whole year. In return the big city girls are learning more then just fashion and ecommerce. They are learning how their food reaches the dinner table and the crazy, hectic lifestyle we lead but wouldn't trade for the world.
The cake Danielle made represents her 100%. I couldn't think of a more appropriate cake for this event. It represents Danielle, and this will for sure be the first time any of those girls have had a Hereford cake at a cake & wine party!
Never forget where you came from and to be proud of who you really are!

Have a great evening!

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