Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin Ag Products Pavilion

Helping you plan your State Fair trip!!

This week I will feature some of my favorite things to do/see/eat while at the WI State Fair. A state fair isn't complete until you can cross these  items off  your list. Hopefully this will help make sure your families get the most out of your day spent walking around the grounds. Often times there's so much to see that people bypass the "good" things. So me with years and years of fair attendance under my belt I can provide insight as to what the must haves are!
Tonight's feature is the Wisconsin Products Pavilion located directly south of the coliseum, where the cattle and horses are shown. The Wisconsin Products Pavilion is a great place to learn about Wisconsin products and pick up tips and pointers during the daily stage presentations from a variety of agriculture associations. Some of the best food deals to be had at the Fair can be found in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion. Frequently I just go in there walk around (it's air conditioned) until I find something that suites my taste buds. My favorites are the: Omelets, sundaes, cookie jar, potato stand. (Going to be needing to do a lot of running after this year's fair). Located around the outside of the building are the WI Pork and WI Beef stand, which I always hit up!
It's neat to walk around and see how agriculturally diverse the state is and makes you appreciate how much food producers put on our dinner tables. So hit up the Wisconsin Ag Pavilion and show your support to Wisconsin Producers!

This is what the outside of the building looks like. It's huge you can't miss it:)


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