Thursday, August 11, 2011

Govenor's Blue Ribbon Auction

Last night the Wisconsin State Fair colesium was booming with excitement for the Govenor's Blue Ribbon Auction. Youth that exhibited a champion animal (steer, hog, lamb) had the opportunity to sell in the auction. This is a prestigious opportunity for these kids to be in the spotlight and recognized for the hard work they've done with their market animal all year long. From my experience in showing cattle I can say it takes countless hours to prepare a heifer or steer for the ring. Months and months ahead of time we are out in the barn rinsing, blowing, clipping and even have "pretend shows". Walking our heifers around the barnyard, practicing with the show halter and show stick. By putting in this amount time & effort ahead of time allows the animal is 100% comfortable on show day and there's no nervous jitters (from animal or showman)! Also to ensure the big day goes as smoothly as possible.
At the Govenor's Blue Ribbon Auction each breed champion along with a supreme sell. Businesses know that agriculture kids are strong, determined inviduals that have put their heart & soul into his/her project. These young kids have high hopes of becoming future leaders in the livestock industry. Wisconsin is fortunate to have businesses that understand how important it is to invest in the future generation of agriculture. And we all know that without agriculture we would be hungry & naked, and we don't want that do we?
So reporting from last night at the 43rd Annual Govenor's Blue Ribbon auction the grand champion overall steer sold for $27,500; purchased by Coca-Cola. Reserve Overall sold for $14,00 to Kenosha Beef International and Birchwood Foods. These young individuals plan will put their earning into the bank to save for their college education. These kids are full of deterimation & drive and looking forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future agriculture career.


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