Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Save the Tatas

Susan G. Komen 5K Run

I did it! On Sunday morning after spending three days at a cattle show I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed down with my co-workers to Milwaukee's lakefront for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event. Being on team Bader Rutter we had a special tailgating area to meet up with friends before the run and to have a designated meet-up area. It was like being at a huge carnival, with pink balloons, pink water fountains, pink pink pink! Even areas for free digital mammogram testing. Next year I will be dressing up like some of the others.... Pink bras on the outside of shirt, pink wigs!
Prior to the start of the race, they had a ceremony for all the survivors to walk across the bridge and be recognized. They then releases balloons. I ran for my Grandma Lindsay who we lost to breast cancer 17 years ago this September. Even though I was in 3rd grade I still have a lot of great childhood memories of her, she was quite the classy lady and I'm glad to have had her in my life. While it was hard, I also glad I was there to help raise awareness of the cause and put an end the disease. It's amazing how far doctors have come with treatments and what they can do now for patients. Events like Race for the Cure has allowed doctors to have the money to research and invest in technology to help put an end to breast cancer. After Sunday I've decided that I will continue to participant in as many Susan G. Komen runs as possible. A great way to spend a Sunday morning while supporting a cause.
I crossed the finish line alive,  a feeling of accomplishment and THIRSTY!! After the run Team Bader Rutter met up at our tailgate and we got FREE Noodles & Co.!! Worth it right there! After I hydrated myself I took advantage of the free food as well!
A great morning spent with my BR co-workers and supporting a great cause. I was really happy I completed this since I have been training for this for along time. Never thought I'd say this but hopefully I'll find another run before it gets too cold!
Survivor Ceremony. Cancer survivors were recognized and
pink beach balls were thrown into the crowd! Pumped up for the run!

Me, Griffin and Mandy! This is a before, the after shot wasn't
as pretty:)


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