Monday, September 26, 2011

20 Signs of Fall

Where did the summer go? All I know is that summer 2011 went down as one of my favorite summers. My family won the Junior National Hereford Expo with our cow/calf pair (Miley), we welcomed the next generation of the Starr Family and we all got to spend every weekend together in Manawa. A few months ago I did the 20 signs of spring, with the changing season I thought it's be appropriate to do a 20 signs of fall.
20 Signs of fall (in no particular order)
  • Farmers are gearing up for their busy harvest season
  • The corn is starting to dry down (turning brown)
  • Attending a fall market is a great way to spend a Saturday morning
  • Starbucks, et al., is selling pumpkin spice latte, mocha and coffee (yummy)
  • It's the best time of year to make that homemade apple or pear dessert (will be making apple crisp)
  • Packer gear is normal/acceptable attire for Sunday church. Go Pack!
  • 80* days are becoming less frequent and the days are getting short (sad face)
  • Pumpkin and mum sales are in full swing! I love fall decor, it's the best. I've actually been working on a few fall items.... stay tuned
  •  The WI Beef Expo was this past weekend. A sign of the start of fall
  • It's sale season! Our mailboxes are full of sale catalogs from breeders across the country having production sales.
  • My family is getting our sale consignments ready for the MSU Fall Fest, held in November.
  • I start wanting to end my days at the office with a little relaxation... aka a glass of wine!
  • Fall grilling/bon fires are the best... it's fun to get all cozy warm and still be outside
  • While summer is my favorite season, I always think the fall clothes in the stores are irresistible
  • Calves are weaned and it's exciting to walk through the pastures looking for show heifer prospects
  • We finally can enjoy the crops harvested (pumpkins are so fascinating to me) and squash tastes soo good with alittle brown sugar baked in.
  • Get your lawn ready for winter.... lawn mowed and leaves raked
  • Sunday football gatherings with friends and family. Love all the food!!
  • It's time to get out that favorite chili recipe... In WI we put elbow noodles in our chili
  • The leaves are turning beauteous shades of reds, organes and yellows. The trees in the woods almost look like Popsicles
What things do you look forward to seeing or doing in the fall? Agriculture is at it's prime, farmers are busy getting crops off the field. I enjoy spending every minute outside before it gets too cold.


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