Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A person's best friend

National Dog Week
In keeping with last weeks and yesterday's National posts, tonight is a great time to announce it's National Dog Week! So why not give that dog of yours and extra bone for being your best friend! Let me introduce you to my red healer, Rex.
We got Rex 5 years ago as a puppy. Come to think of it, my parents got him one I left for college! I was being replaced!! Anyways he was the cutest darn thing and has been a fun dog that demands so much love and attention. His personality is like none other!
Rex comes from a great line of breeding. Red healers are known as "cow dogs", it's instinct for them to work cattle (by healing). After working with him for 5 years he's just about voice commanded and listens to my Dad as he gives direction. It's almost like having another person around to sort the cows. We sort cattle when it's time to vaccinate, wean calves or need to move our cows to a different greener/lush pasture.
Rex also like to go to work with my Mom, he loves all the activity and people that come and go. As a result he's excellent around people and has become very protective of my Mom! 
Being a smart dog, he's great at his tricks. His favorite to shaking. He like to be greeted with, "Howdy Rex!" and he shakes your hand.
Way to go Rex for being a great pet, happy you're part of our family:)
Howdy Rex!

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