Thursday, September 15, 2011

Honk Honk!

It's National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week

Today I learned that this week was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Sadly I didn't even know this appreciation week existed, so thought a little shout out was in order. And what better people to dedicate a week of appreciation to than those men and women that know the interstates like the back of their hand. These individuals are hard working and committed to tackling one of the economy's most demanding jobs.
I appreciate all the drivers who are hauling truck loads of food to grocery stores for consumers to purchase. Farmers depend on you greatly. Without transporting fruits, vegetables and beef to grocery stores, farmers wouldn't have anywhere to go with their product and we'd have a country of hungry people.
When traveling this weekend, be courteous to the big trucks, you don't know what life essentials they're hauling.
Here's a short clip to learn more about life as a truck driver.

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