Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Please excuse my sweatiness!
May have ran a 5K, but it sure felt like a Marathon of a weekend! Friday after work I drove home with absolutely NO plans except for running in my first 5K run Saturday morning. After that no plans, most likely I would rinse cattle for World Beef Expo, help yard work la-ti-ada!

Remember me telling you about my 5K training? Well it all paid off and went off smoothly! My NIKE+ said it was actually a 6K and I did it in 30 minutes. As a participant in the Bear Creek Kraut run I received a t-shirt and can of sour kraut as a sovereign! It survived and didn't need an oxygen mask at the end:) My little nephew Isaac was even there to cheer on his Aunt Nicole!
My number I wore on my T-Shirt
After that is when things turned into a Marathon! Mom & I drove home (I showered) and we took off to Harvard, IL(3.5 hours south)! To do what you may ask? To purchase garden art for Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse. My mom goes through a wholesaler, Steal Heart. The place was so cool. We had a blast walking around looking at the different steal art to be displayed in gardens/lawns. Check out the inventory my mom purchased on the Crosscut Solutions fanpage.
3 1/2 hours later we arrive at Steal Heart. Let the shopping begin:)

After being there for a quick 45 minutes we headed north to Williams Bay to do a little tourist shopping and purchased a few pumpkins at a farmer's market.
Check back to see my pumpkin craft that's currently brewing

To end our wild 24hr excursion we needed to incorporate a little cattle into our day. So we headed a little further north to meet up at the Wisconsin Hereford tour, being held in Elkhorn at a Hereford farm. Great to see our cattle friends, eat a nice CHB steak and listen to Jack Ward, AHA Director of Breed Improvements provide insight on the industry.
We finally drove in the drive way at 12AM! What a day it was, but a day that was well unexpected and unplanned. Sometimes those are the best kinds.
Will I have a more "Calmer" weekend upcoming up in a few days? You'll just have to check back:)
Thought I'd leave you with this funny sign posted at the Farmer's Market.
Farm kids: Can you believe people were actually paying to jump on hay bales!!!


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