Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Smelled Minnesota Today!

Minnesota Forest Fires

Today started out like any other Tuesday, grabbed my daily cup of brew, checked my email, glazed at my to-do list to see what I was going to tackle in the day ahead. Late morning when elbow deep into a PowerPoint I was creating for the upcoming AABP Convention I smelled an odd smoky leaf smell; figuring it was nothing I charged on. But then it got real distinct and my cubicle buddies even noticed. Come to find out there wasn't fire in the building, city, or even county; rather in our neighboring state, Minnesota!
This is an unfortunate incident and thoughts & prayers go out to the Gopher state. The news reported a haze drifting as far as the Chicago and Milwaukee area, people noticed difficulty breathing and burning eyes. Apparently lightning struck in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on Aug. 18th but began spreading this week due to the high winds and dry conditions. They saw it could take up to a few days for the fire to be under control.
Here in Milwaukee we acted fast: They closed the roof on the Brewers stadium to prevent the smoke from distracting the players from hitting the ball and to make sure their was a clear path for the spectators to get in line for a beer!
Hope the best for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. It sounds like it's a popular place for canoe trips and known for its' beauty. I'm sad for the 120 campers that had to end their vacation trip due to this disaster, but happy to know everyone is safe.

What a pretty area for taking in a little wildlife.

For all you visual learners who need to look at a map:)

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