Thursday, September 8, 2011

Al Gore loosing credibility

He's  wrong about industrial agriculture.

Last week there was an article in Drover's magazine, Al Gore's big gaffe. As a political leader he feels he has lots of power to change the way consumers think, however when leaders start stating incorrect information they're credibility decreases. I encourage you to read this information article: Commentary: Al Gore's big gaffe.

The main points from Al:
  • He advocates that organic farmer is a more productive, safer method that puts carbon back into the soil. "Safer & better food."
  • Synthetic fertilizer is bad method of farming.  He said, “the reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is a Faustian bargain, kind of like steroids.”
Now this is what Mr. Gore need to read and take into consideration before preaching to the world:
  • While organic farming is an option it is not an efficient way to feed the world. Synthetic fertilizer increases food production and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Organic farming requires more labor and is more expensive to produce. Therefore increasing the cost at the retail level. In a time when approximately 50 million American don't have enough to eat due to the fact they can't afford it is that really the direction we want to be heading?
  • Vaclav Smil, one of today’s most influential energy and environmental scientists, says that without synthetic fertilizer we would need an additional 1 billion more livestock to produce enough fertilizer crops, that would also equate to 2 billion more acres of forage to feed the livestock.
It's important to the utilize technology available, strive to improve our methods so as farmers we can continue to provide enough food at an affordable cost for our growing population.


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