Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day

We all just got off of a three day weekend, I don't know about you but my whole week is going to be messed up because I missed out my Monday workday!
This past weekend I celebrated Labor day by getting away from the city grit and heading up to my family's farm in Manawa.
A voice tells me when to walk & run! It's almost like having
someone chasing you with a pitch fork! 
Saturday started out with a morning run. Did you know I'm running in a 5K? Yep and I have two personal trainers: Nike + System and the Coach 2 5K app I downloaded on my IPOD.
After doing a little work in the barn my little nephew Isaac arrived!! He's such a little cutie, but I don't have to say that you can see for yourself....
Happy to have such a peaceful godson!
A taste of fall!
Sunday was a big day for my mom's greenhouse business, Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse, she was at the Bear Lake Campground Corn Roast and just about sold out of all of her fall items. Being only September that's great!! Check out her facebook page to see more of her fall selection.
As you and the rest of Manawa know I'm not a garden expert! Mom's workers (Dad, Brenda and I) set her all up, ate ourselves sick of FREE corn on the cob and Brenda and I even got in on the annual corn hole tournament. To celebrate a successful greenhouse sale day we went to one of our favorites: Harbor Bar in King.
Monday was a work out in the barn kinda day. We cleaned out the barn, worked Beef Expo cattle and ended with weaning calves.
Like most farmers we celebrated our Labor Day weekend by working! What matters is is that we were all able to do something we enjoy. My mom loves the greenhouse and Dad & I like the cows, quite the agriculture life I would say:)
Have a great short work week.



Melissa said...

Good luck on your training! You'll do fantastic! :)

Nicole Starr said...

Oh Thanks Melissa! Hope all is well with you. I've been thinking of your family. You guys have so much going on with your brother leaving and the wedding in October. Have a great weekend! When's your next run?

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