Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Flare: Keepsakes by Katlin

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If you’re a frequent reader you may not be surprised that“Keepsake’s by Katlin” is this week’s Friday Flare. I did allude to this in quite a few of the details I shared in my San Francisco trip recap.
Throughout my four day trip to San Francisco/Sonoma Valley area my sister, mom and I hung out with a great Hereford friend, Katlin Mulvaney. The first thing I noticed on our trip down to Fisherman’s Wharf via Cable Car was the shiny new camera with the fancy lens, zoom etc she pulled out of her bag. This camera was decked out and I knew anyone who owned a camera with so many features must mean business.
Throughout the weekend Katlin was generous enough to take pictures of other people (including me). She quickly got the title of Event Photographer as she captured the beautiful vineyards, Hereford cattle and damp, foggy (yet amazing) Somona Valley scenery. 
Katlin was gracious enough to upload her pictures to her Facebook page so attendees could relive their memories and be somewhat sad they were back to the ‘real world’ of jobs and attending to livestock & crop responsibilities. I commend her on posting these pictures. She did a great job of immediately publicizing the success of this fundraising event, The Harvest, to Hereford enthusiasts who were not able to attend. After encouragement and prodding from me and several of her friends she started a Facebook page named “Keepsakes byKatlin”as an online portfolio of her photos.
The vision behind “Keepsakes by Katlin” is she believes every photo should be a treasured keepsake, capturing that special moment in time. With example photos like these there’s no doubt her photos capture a moment in time that will be treasured forever.
So if you’re in the market for a photographer for special events, graduation or engagement photos, “Keepsakes by Katlin” will be sure to help preserve these special moments.
Let me know if you’re ever interested and I will put you in contact with this energized lady who always has her camera at hand.


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