Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Flare: Kunde Estate

Cheers to it being Friday!

It's very fitting that I end my fun filled trip details by featuring Kunde Estate on this week's Friday Flare. Jim & Marcia Mickelson, Kunde Estates, were gracious enough to host The Harvest last weekend, which ended up being a summer highlight for my family and other Hereford enthusiasts throughout the country. After a two day excursion of viewing cattle, wine tasting, and socializing with friends (old & new) we gathered on top of the famous Kunde Estate Boothill cliff overlooking the Sonoma valley. The wine country weekend ended with breeders bidding on prominent donors, flushes and pregnancies. The one-of-a kind auction also featured historical painting, specially bottled wine and destination package vacations. The 360 view on top of Kunde Estate and being surrounded by individuals supporting Hereford youth made be appreciate how fortunate I am to be apart of this fine breed.
Specially bottled wine for
The Harvest.
The Mickelson's operate over 1,800 acres of wine growing land, where they are able to produce their own wine from the grapes grown. The unique (to me) climate of sunny days and moderate cool coastal fog allow them to be capable to producing a well balanced fruit suitable for wine making. The Mickelsons strive to be good stewards of the land by promoting healthy vineyards, walking every row and hand picking grapes.
While us Midwesterners are picking corn, those on the west coast are harvesting grapes. In the cool early fall mornings the grapes are hand harvested and then gently crushed and de-stemmed at the winery.
A big thank you to the Mickelson Family (Jim, Marcia, Bobby & Jamie) for welcoming us to the Kunde Estate and being such excellent role models & supporters of the Hereford Youth Foundation of America.

PS- The wine is AMAZING:) I went home with purple teeth & will be having more shipped home:) 

The scenery was amazing!
A great girls vacation:) Highlight of our summer!


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