Wednesday, October 12, 2011

World Dairy Expo 2011

I was a first-timer

I've attended numerous cattle shows throughout the country, whether it be the Junior National Hereford Expo, American Royal or National Western Stock Show. I love them all, have meet some of my best friends there and its' ultimately shaped the person I am today.
Last week I got to step out of my "agriculture box" further by attending the World Dairy Expo. The trade show was comprised of agriculture businesses throughout the country that play a role in the dairy industry. Also at the event is one of the world's largest dairy shows. From my observation this show is equal to the National Western held every January in Denver, CO. The cattle show was what I was most intrigued by, it's interests me how people outside of the beef industry prepare their cattle for the showring.
The famous grilled cheese stand put on by the UW-Madison Badger Dairy Club got the most talk from my co-workers prior to my arrival. Pfizer Animal Health is even a sponsor for the grilled cheeses. I had one (and a milkshake) and I'll admit they were outstanding-- best I've ever had! Here's a funny clip so you understand how prominent this stand is. This is something attendees look forward to each year,  a World Dairy Expo isn't complete till you've had your grilled cheese! By the way are you a Swiss or American cheese kinda person?



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