Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to JAZZ up a pumpkin

Decoupage pumpkins

First I have to give credit where credit is to. While at a gas station during a road trip my mom and I had about a month ago, we eyed the decorative pumpkins on the cover of the September issue of the Country Living magazine. We HAD to know how they did it! I had never even heard of decoupaging, but over the past couple weeks I've become quite the pro. My little Brookfield, WI pumpkin factory has been just a cranking these pumpkins out to get ready for the Shawano Farmers Market last weekend. With Halloween only a couple weeks out I wanted to share with you the decoupage technique.

Buy yourself a small/medium or pie sized naked pumpkin.
The bigger the pumpkin the longer it takes.
Small pumpkins are more decorative anyway!
Print out 4-5 color copies of your favorite pattern (make color copies of fabric or find your print online). This is my new favorite pattern. And cut into 1 inch stripes like this:
A straight edge paper cutter comes in real
handy during this step
Apply mod podge with a sponge brush to the back side of the strips (one at a time) and vertically place onto pumpkin. Rub the center of the strip and work your way to the edges to avoid wrinkles (we hate wrinkles!) Keep placing the strips onto the pumpkin an inch an a half apart and then go back and fill in the empty space. This tactic works best since you're dealing with a round pumpkin. It may not make the most sense but trust me on this one!
Pour the mod podge into a bowl for ease

Once completed apply a thin layer of mod podge to the entire pumpkin to completely seal the paper to the pumpkin.

And ta-da! A completed pumpkin that looks like this! This pumpkin will be going on my desk at work, but these would also make great center pieces for Thanksgiving.
With a little raffia this will be a great fall desk decor.
For more design styles check out the far right tab, Domestic Side.


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