Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flare: Short Scarf


I'm sure you think I'm falling off the deep end with all this domestic-ness! But week-life here in Brookfield is quite simple, I have lots of time on my hands without sale/show cattle to work on, cows to check, lawn to mow, etc (#CountryLife). So I've been occupying my time with fall decor (Pumpkins, Handmade soap) and now knitting!
My GREAT Aunt Jo is a knitting machine and has been my teacher. So glad to be learning from a pro. The scarf started in early September and on Wednesday I finished it up while she was visiting her daughter, Karen. TA-DA finished product see below.... This will be added to Domestic Side tab. We'll see how fast I can whip these things out and maybe it'll be my next item available for sale.

Wrap around your neck, ruffles on the edge. Cute accessory for fall/winter.
 A short scarf to keep your little neck warm, held together with a smashing button. How cute:) These "short scarves" need a name. Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!

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