Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worldwide InstaMeet Day

Capture your day

Today is Worldwide InstaMeet Day. Are any of you on Instagram? If so what comment below how I can find you, follow me at starrnicole. This is one of my favorite (I don't have many) apps on my iPod touch. It's a great way to capture and share with others the crazy exciting things I encounter throughout my day. When I'm not traveling I use it to share my random thoughts, funnies or something I feel is just worth sharing with my Instagram friends. It's also easy to upload to Facebook or Twitter.
In honor of this special day and the ever so popular Wordless Wednesday I thought I'd share today's Instagram pictures.
My Hereford coffee cup is one of my many signature items in the office.
I quoted the picture by saying, "Coffee and #Hereford #Cattle... two things that get me going in the morning."
Snapshots of your footsteps is a great way to express who you are. In this case, my need for coffee and love for Hereford cattle.   
It was a great day for my decoupage pumpkins; out of the blue I had two co-workers come up to me and place an order. Erin bought a red & white paisley for her Grandma and Zach eyed up the black & white paisley for his girlfriend. These will make excellent Halloween gift! So... to show my enthusiasm and thrill I shared this post via twitter (ps- my handle is: @nstarrgirl).

Expecting in return, I got this response from  my new twitter friend, Jane Graves (@ImnNvp2B)

Would love to meet you someday Jane! Who know maybe we can at least bounce ideas off each other!I look forward to connecting and getting to know in the future.
So long story short by sharing my daily thoughts and adventures via Instagram I ended my day with a new friend through Social Media. How has social media helped you reach out to people? 


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