Friday, November 18, 2011

Excitement from my cubicle

Well for those of you who tuned in yesterday morning to the North American International Livestock Exposition, saw that our heifer MSU Rachel won Champion in her division! That means that our heifer was the best in her age division. She was in one of the younger age divisions, so when she went in for overall the judge decided to go with an old female, perfectly understandable. And the judge picked a good heifer.. owned by my friends, Karey & Katlyn Howes from Maryland won! Congrats ladies!!
Words can not say how excited I was watching the show at my desk and cheering only to get funny faces from my coworkers:)
What's even better is the numerous text messages and facebook "likes" I received from my cattle friends throughout the country. It just reaffirms that the reason we're in the cattle business is because of the kind, generous people we get to work with. Sure everyone likes to win, but in the end I'd much rather have friends that I've grown up with and share in the same interests. While I wish I could see them all more (being an adult, watching the show from my office has put a damper on seeing friends) I know that when we meet up at a stock show we'll pick up just where we left off months or years ago! I don't know any other sector of business that has the kind of people the cattle industry holds.
No backdrop picture yet. But this picture was sent to me. The purple banner
hanging on MSU sign back at the stalls with the rest of the cattle.

Happy Friday and....... get ready because tomorrow is a National holiday (check your calendars to see what it is...... nothing written????, that's because it's a Wisconsin holiday)....... Opening day of deer hunting!!!!


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