Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Sale Day

Spartan Style

Two weeks ago my family and I packed up the truck and trailer and headed to East Lansing, MI (My ole' stompin' ground) for the MSU Fall Fest Sale. As a student this sale was one of the highlights to fall semester. There was nothing better then working on sale calves between classes at the Purebred Beef Center and hanging out with friends which fortunately become my family away from home. Even though we're spread out around the country and don't get to see or talk as often as we'd like I still consider them my best friends.
My family is fortunate to be one of the consignors to the sale. This year we took 4 heifers who all went to excellent owners. This has proven to be an excellent way to market our farm and cattle. My sister was also lucky to be the buyer of a MSU heifer who will be showing on Thursday at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE), stay tuned for more details.
It's important that the sale ring (area in which the cattle sell) looks presentable and is branded to represent your operation. This fun job is given year after year to Ken & I and we have a blast doing it. After a day and a half of primping and priming the sale area we were ready! Green and white curtains hung, tables set up, spot lights ready and sound system in place. It's tradition that we hang our purple banners because that represents success in the show ring. To add a seasonal touch I brought over my special pumpkins and decorated the front of the sale ring.

Now as an alumni I was glad that my family and I still get to be part of a successful day. Over 60 lots were auctioned off, making it for a large, yet successful event!
This is a sale ring, one at a time the cattle come through the door on the left and the auctioneer auctions them off. Once the bidding is complete and a buyer is declared the exist out the door on the right. Two people are in this small ring to make sure the animal is walking around while the auctioneer is doing his chant and the ringman are taking bids from the crowd. The auction block got a face lift this year..... a new Fall Fest sign and Spartan helmets on both doors....we did a little Spartan banding to show our MSU pride! The front was decorated to add the harvest feel and alittle personality!

And here we are after all the set up and on sale day! Ken Guens and myself! Don't we look good? Every girl needs to look good at a cattle event. Not only can I be working hard with the cattle, but also looking good while doing it! HA! 

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