Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What does 3 1/2 days mean to you?

Yesterday my mom shared this you tube video with me. After watching it I could help but be thankful that my parents raised my sisters and I the way they did. We grew up on a farm where we all had chores and each of us were responsible for the jobs we were given. Over the years it taught us the true meaning of hard work, dedication and provided us with a clear image of what life in the real world would be. It certainly wasn't all glitz and glamour by any means, but the life lesson learned by growing up on a farm are invaluable. The work ethic that was distilled in us at an early age, contributed to the success of our education and careers in agriculture that we are pursuing.   
While my family's cattle operation is small, I am proud that we are one of the many helping to provide food for consumers.

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