Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow Advisory

Fitness Edition

As you may have already known I'm trying OK attempting to be a runner. And I wouldn't even call it a runner, more of just someone who is familiar with the gym! During the summer I fell in love with the Nike + System and shoes (thanks to my Mom & Day-- 23rd B-day Present) and the Couch to 5K app on my IPod Touch. Since the cold months are here to stay I've resorted to the YMCA, trying to go at least 3x/week. I may start doing some classes, anyone have a good aerobic/cardio class? Zumba I only like depending on the instructor and body vive has too many old ladies.... suggestions?

For those die-hards that run year round, I wanted to share these outdoor running tips so you stay fit and healthy. Believe it or not, I found this in my Better Homes & Gardens Magazine I got my my friend Brenda.

  1. Understand your limits. The body generally becomes acclimated to cold temperatures after a few weeks. Until then, keep your activities close to shelter.
  2. Beware of overdressing. Bundling up could backfire on you. Wet (sweaty) clothes moves heat away from your body much more quickly than dry clothing. So.. dress in layers that leave you feeling slightly chilly after your first few minutes of exercise.
  3. Drink before you're parched. Exposure to cold weakens your body's thirst mechanism, so drink 12-16 ounces of water before venturing out. If exercising longer than an hour, take a water bottles with you.
  4. Swipe on the sunscreen. I'm a whitey so this tip definitely applies to me year round! Approx. 80 percent of UV radiation reflects off snow and ice. So remember to wear UV sunglasses or goggles and at least SPF 30 sunscreen.
Happy Winter!


Melissa said...

My brother, who runs marathons, suggests taking it easy in the winter with run "burn-out", meaning you don't have to run 12 months out of the year. He cross-trains a lot during the winter like the spin classes, swimming, etc. so he still gets a good work out and builds muscles that are useful come spring when he trains again. I'm taking his advice this winter too and running twice per week and hitting a class or two once or twice a week. Good luck!

Nicole Starr said...

That's great advice!! What classes do you like? I'm looking for a good one:) Are you planning for any 5K next spring?
PS-- I will be making your Mason jar bread in the next couple weeks (They make GREAT Holiday gifts). Plus soo good:) Huge hit last year!
Happy Holidays!

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