Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Daner, On Dasher, On DECEMBER

Welcome to December!

Some say it's the busiest month of the year with all the holiday preparation, however I actually really enjoy it. 1) I love wrapping presents, 2) It's fun to bake and 3) There's soo much excitement no matter how old you are! I have given up sitting on Santa's lap however!
As I've gotten older I really appreciate learning what others look forward to in December and their family's holiday traditions. I became more aware of other family's traditions when I went to college, it was intriguing to hear how my friends spent Christmas and the traditional meals and festivities. Now a lot of my coworkers have young kids who are into Santa, so it's fun to hear about all the excitement at their houses and how they get ready for Santa's sleigh to land. 
Are they're certain treats you only make around the holidays? At my house my Dad makes homemade chocolates, yummy! Give it a couple weeks and he's chocolate factory will be out in full force (Peanut clusters, Rice krispies treats, and those oriental noodles oh my!). I will admit I eat homemade chocolate and cookies like they're going out of style! BH&G asked their Facebook fans what they look forward to, here's what they had to say:
With the holidays come several different traditions as to how Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is spent. I've come to realize that as you get older traditions and family changes and you must be open minded and adapt. Like when Santa comes a day before just so all "kids" can take part in the fun:( You may be a new family or a family wanting to start a new tradition. It seems like the big question is when the gift exchanging will occur.
Growing up, my family always opened gift Christmas morning.
Guess we were in the minority.
  Have fun preparing for the Holidays. Enjoy time with your family, putting up the tree, baking and decorating. Eager to hear about your family's Holiday traditions, or what new traditions are you creating? 

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