Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flair: Freckled Frogg Cottage Cafe & Outdoor Garden Bistro

Now say that 10 times!

The Freckled Frogg.... A great place for a girl tea party!
The Freckled Frogg is my new favorite place for a fun girls lunch. This little cafe is located in King, WI and it's like walking into a frog doll house. The owner, Sandi, has combined her love for frogs with her talent for creating gorgeous salads & sandwiches (veggies from her garden) and exceptional desserts! The Freckled Frogg is open for lunch only. For exact hours and directions check out their Facebook page. They will be open this winter (weekends only). Last time we could even dine on the porch, thanks to the outdoor heater!

What is special about this little find is that each day brings a new menu! Generally 5 items to pick from to eat and a huge list of drinks.... frogg juice lemonade, carrot juice, raspberry Mimosa. Our waitress brought over a menu of choices!
The Freckled Frogg serves Salad Master Pieces.... Tooo pretty to eat. My mom and Aunt Jo during Thanksgiving weekend.
This picture was taken at the Freckled Frogg deer hunting weekend! Yes, we went there two weekends in a row! Isaac was a hit with the ladies and had a blast! Sandi was able to hold him and he flirted the whole time:)
It's like walking into a doll house!

So next time you're looking for a one-of-a-kind place for lady lunches or fun parties, head over to the Freckled Frogg for one of a kind service and delicious food! Sandi and her team with treat you and your friends like queens or princesses!



The Freckled Frogg said...

Wow Nicole, I am humbled and so HAPPY to see this wonderful review. We are happy to have you all as part of our Freckled Frogg Family. And lets not forget my new boyfriend sweet little Issac! ~~~Blessings~~~Sandi

Nicole Starr said...

So glad you enjoyed the post:) Continue to check back, you never know what I may chat about. I'm getting to spend time with your boyfriend, Isaac, over Christmas. I can't wait! Happy Holidays to the Freckled Frogg Family! Nicole

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