Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't get your Tinsel in a TaNgLe

My Christmas Motto

It's the week of Christmas, it's impossible to find a parking spot at the mall, the grocery store is packed with all the crazys preparing for a house full of company. So when I saw this quote, "Don't get your Tinsel in a Tangle", I immediately declared that to be my Christmas motto. A few weeks ago my family went to pick out the "perfect" Christmas tree. The Starr Family doesn't mess around when it comes to selecting their Christmas tree, each year we have to get one bigger and better then the last (Ok- we're like the Griswold's). I'll just say there's never a dull moment!
And we're off!!! The hunt for the perfect tree begins at the tree farm...
Wallah!!! We've found it!! Told ya, we don't mess around we even bring a tape measure to make sure it's tall enough. It got the stamp of approval when it came in reading 14 ft. And so we begin to saw it down.
Isn't she a beauty??!?! After cutting it down the friendly tree farm staff load it onto their tractor and haul it to the front of the farm to be bailed. While waiting to get the tree bailed, customers can enjoy hot chocolate and cookies.. yum. The tree is bailed by putting twine around the tree, making it skinner so it can fit through the door of our house.
Remember when I saw they bail they tree in the last picture? When the staff thought their baler was big enough to bail this tree, but thought wrong! Instead our gorgeous perfect tree came out looking it went through the garbage disposal. Luckily we didn't get our "Tinsel in a Tangle" and we made a second trug out to the field to find the second perfect tree. What a disappointment & let down! All that work! And have you ever heard of a family cutting down TWO Christmas trees!?!?
The second best tree was still 14 ft tall, but a little skinner and the workers were able to hand bail it.

I put the lights on and my sister, Danielle, put on the ornaments last weekend. Pictures to come! While we may not have the fatest tree, we certainly have a good story to tell this year when our family & friends visit!

Have a happy last few days of Holiday prep!

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