Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Modern Family night

Movie Star Feature- Eric Stonestreet

Last week I watched Barbra Walters' ABC edition of the top ten most interesting people of 2011. The main reason for tuning in was because Eric Stonestreet, also known as Cam, from Modern Family had been mentioned in the commercials following the special. On Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. everything comes to a stop for the 30 minute show. The stuff that happens is soo out of the ordinary and the one liners crack me up. I usually recite a few of the them on Thursdays at the office.
Well what I didn't know until watching the Barbara Walters interview was that Eric grew up in agriculture! Yes, totally through me off too! How could I not know this?? Stonestreet grew up in Kansas City, KS and was raised on a farm. He went on to say he exhibited hogs at the fairs! The best part was that he shared pictures of him showing his hogs. He looked great and the pictures captured his passion for the livestock industry. I've searched and searched and couldn't find the picture online to share, sorry! But it looked like he was quite the successful showman. Stonestreet went on to pursue his college education at Kansas State University.
This made me really proud of my agriculture roots. It just shows that growing up on a farm teaches kids the true value of a work ethic, responsibility and instills confidence in youth. Some may remain in agriculture whether it be taking over the family farm or holding a job/career off the farm. Others, like Stonestreet, continue to be an agriculture advocate with a career outside of the industry. Whatever path we chose, the industry we know and love will be a part of us; never forgetting where we came from. The valuable skills I mentioned above (work ethic, responsibility and confidence) that we acquired at a young age will carry on throughout our life, no matter where our journey takes us.

So tune in to Modern Family... It starts in 30 minutes! Unfortunately I couldn't get the interview, so watch this interview from The View.


Melissa said...

I love him! And am proud he comes from my state and university. I, too, am sad I do not have a career in agriculture but am the proudest advocate for the industry, still have some farming roots thanks to my husband's family, and do my best to inform many of my friends why we raise cattle, process our own meat, etc.

Nicole Starr said...

We're lucky to have you promoting the agriculture industry! I'm sure you are able to educate people that are several generations removed from the farm. Keep up the good work. On a side note: I'm making your mason jar breads tomorrow night, it's officially a Christmas tradition! Happy Holidays!

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