Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Values, Work Ethic and Responsibility

Life as a farm kid

As I journey through my first few years as a career girl and have the opportunity to meet and work with several different groups of people, I can usually always define one class... Individuals that grew up on a farm surrounding in agriculture. I'm grateful that my company has all-around good working people that are passionate about serving their clients. However what motivates me is to work with others who are just as dedicated, and nose deep into the project as what I am. Most times, these are people grew up on some sort of farm (whether it be beef, dairy, cash crop, etc) or ranch. Life as a farm kid allows young children to build values, establish a strong work ethic and become accountable for the chores and tasks they're responsible for. At an early age we experience the positive effect & importance of contributing to the greater whole and become a team player from the get-go. The values learned at an early age carry through to college and into a career. While not all farm kids end up working in agriculture, they are still able to apply the skills and lessons to whatever chosen career path. We want to continue building hard workers, don't we?
I don't feel it's right to take away the opportunity for a kid to learn true values, establish a work ethic and learn the true meaning of responsibility. Join with me in voicing your opinion to standing up for agriculture and the families involved.
Thanks to Celeste Settrini of Couture Cowgirl Communication for posting this yesterday. Celeste is an excellent agvocate for the agriculture industry; doing a fab job of education consumers on where their food comes from. Read about her exciting travels around the country on her agblog... The Couture Cowgirl 



MrsTallPaul said...

Great post! I couldn't agree with you more! Proud to be a farm kid too! mamie (lindsay's college roommate)


Nicole Starr said...

Oh Hello!! Lindsay tells me about all the cute things you make! Isaac's bib is soo cute! Thanks soo much for reading my agblog. Check back, sometimes it's not always ag... I throw in alittle creativity and fashion now and then too! Totally checking out your blog. Happy Holidays,

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