Monday, January 23, 2012

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Like the thousands of other people in this social media world, I also jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon in the fall of 2011 and consider myself hooked on pinning! This virtual pinboard allows you to bookmark the recipes, DIY crafts & party planning ideas you like and "pin" it to a designated board you've created for that topic area. Like facebook, you can follow your friends to see what they've pinned and repin to one of your boards. It's the greatest invention ever, a lot of the stuff is to creative, imaginative and you'll find yourself saying "why didn't I think of that?"!
This fall I got rather addicted, spending my noon hour and evenings cruising the site! Part of it is like going on a shopping spree, but never having to swipe the Visa or Mastercard. This year it's my goal to do a better job of organizing my boards and making them look more complete and appealing to my friends. You can follow me at: nstarr 
Here's a look at my boards and the categories I've created.

A few on my favorite recipes were the lasagna soup and tuscan tomato basil pasta, these two recipes freeze really well too!
This winter I really hope to make this DIY throw into a comforter for my bed, check it out. What color do you suggest? I'm thinking purple.

And as much as I'm dreading it, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I think this hugs & kisses wreath would look cool on the house. Maybe the DIY crafty spell will hit me and I'll crank it out this weekend since I plan on staying in Milwaukee.

The ideas, options and possibilities are endless with Pinterest. If you've on it remember to follow me at: nstarr. If you're not a member of Pinterest and would like to, leave your personal email address below and I'll send you an invite.

Happy Pinning!

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