Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Flair: NWSS Shopping

A one-of-a-kind find

A few days ago I eluded to the shopping at the National Western Stock Show. While the number one reason we attend the stock show is for our cattle and to interact with other breeders from around the country and Canda, us girls also like to sneak away for a little retail therapy. After all, just because we are working hard, doesn't mean we can't look good while doing so! On The Hill above where the show cattle are stalled and the showing takes place is a shopping/tradeshow area. This shopping level has everything from the latest Ford vehicles, western belt buckles & turquoise jewelry, western clothes, furs and furniture. Even a few eating joints in between. You name it it's there! Below was my NWSS purchase, yes it's unique and one-of-a-kind! Literally! I found this little shop that makes these sweatshirts, and all of them were different! Thank God... I'll never have to run into someone with the same sweatshirt as me! I'll admit it's different and the average person wouldn't wear it, but let's be serious I don't consider myself average! This style fits my brand, and I'm sporting it today! No matter how many people made fun of me for this "different" purchase! Have a great weekend!


MrsTallPaul said...

I don't see the pic - sounds like a cool shirt!

Nicole Starr said...

Hi! Here's the picture! Forgot to insert:) Blonde moment!! Have a great weekend

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