Thursday, January 19, 2012

McDonalds promotes the beef industry

And I'm lovin' it!

This may be a day (or a few weeks) late and a dollar short, but wanted to broadcast my appreciation for McDonalds promoting the beef industry in their commercials. I won't spoil the details, but the latest McDonalds commecial provides consumers insight of how the beef in their Big Mac, Quarter Pounder or Happy Meal reaches the drive through window or table of the big golden arches. Who better then to tell the story of beef production then the producer that is out feeding and caring for these cattle day and night! Take a look at how Steve Fogelsong, McDonalds Beef Supplier, opens the gates of his ranch to share with consumers how cattle are raised and the lifestyle that combines work and family.

So if you haven't made lunch plans with your co-workers, maybe today would be a great day to treat yourself to a little hamburger from Ronald McDonald!

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