Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Flair: More boots

#IheartBeef &I heart boots

What a week! I'm on a jet plane headed back to Milwaukee after a week at World Ag Expo, Tulare, Calif., details to come next week.
This has been an #IHeartBeef Valentine week, we've covered everything: beef recipesgifts for your sweetie, beef cookies and yesterday's post on the BOLD diet. A lot in just a few days, but I can't think of a better way to show my love for the industry.
It's Friday, so let's end the week on a lighter note.... Boots! Not surprised I'm sure, but I love cowboy boots just as much as I love beef :) Last week I shared with you two pairs of boots that in my opinion will be hard to live without. Make sure check them out by clicking here.
So on a lighter note and also smaller note, compared to last week. I want to share with you these adorable cowboy boots I bought for my godson/nephew, Isaac. Won't he look like the cutest little cowboy. What was a Christmas present (they've been on backorder forever, a high demand Anderson Bean boot-- not surprised!) will actually turn into a late Christmas and Valentine present from his Fairy GodMother. The orange tops will match his orange hair--perfect:) Scheduled to come in on Feb 26th, can't wait!
Whaalaaa!! Anderson Bean hooked a sucker!
Yes, I bought pricey boots for a baby that can't walk.

But how can you not for this little cutie? Look at him, Isaac desperately NEEDS these.
Picture look familiar? It's from my #Febphotoaday post.


MrsTallPaul said...

Those are adorable! Clara has a little pair of boots too that she loves to wear. Nothing cuter than a baby in boots! Love it! and orange is so appropriate considering it's Lindsay's fav! mamie

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks!! I can't wait to get them!! Do anything fun for Fat Tuesday?

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